Amended SB 137 passes Senate Appropiations.

on Sat Feb 22 2014, 08:36am | by Kim

A unanimous Senate appropriations committee voted to send SB 137 to the full senate with an amendment.
Senator Timmerman introduced an amendment to restore 6 million from the Property Tax relief fund to fund SB 137. 
In 2005 $40 million was moved to The PropertyTax Relief Fund from the railroad fund. Those funds came from the sale of rail line to the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern railroad. Sen Vehle reminded Senator's on the committee that it was stated at the time that if a viable railroad project presented itself that money would be available for use on state owned railroad.
The Senate Appropriation  Committee spent 45 minutes hearing testimony from Sen Mike Vehle, prime sponsor of the bill, ; Steve Halverson , Chair of Rails to the Future; Dale Locken : CEO of South Dakota Wheatgrowers: Chuck Jepson, builder of Liberty Grain in Kimball; Angela Ehlers of Presho; Rep James Schaeffer of Kennebec and Nick Jorgenson of Brookings provided economic analysis. 
Opposition to the bill was voiced by Emily Ward, South Dakota Bureau of Finance & Management and Matt Konenkamp the Governors Policy Advisor for Transportation.

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